A kind word to someone you may not know

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One thing time has taught me is that life is precious. Being a father has shown me that there are things that are more important than yourself. Friendship has provided me with the understanding that there are people in this world who will do anything for you, even when you don’t deserve it. Being a husband has shown me what true love is.

I’ve been reading a blog that has really driven all of these things home. E. Greene is a lady who struggles to enjoy everything that we take for granted. Her battles with depression and suicide were an eye opening experience to me. I have dealt with on and off depression throughout my whole life, but never even close to the extent that she is going through. I really hope that she can figure everything out and achieve her goals. She sounds like a very nice, kind and caring person…


I had an enlightening experience in a persoanl development course I took years ago that I will never forget.
Background info: I was an only child of a policeman who taught me never to trust strangers. I wouldn’t hug someone I knew in public let alone a complete stranger… that was rediculous to me.

Anyway, after 5 days in a classroom of 35 + people we were asked to form 2 lines facing eachother. We had a choice of either shaking their hands or giving them a hug. For most of us, we opted for the hug. But what was the real lesson for me, is halfway through the line we were asked to stop and turn our backs away from eachother. And was asked, how many times in our lives have we turned our back on people who needed us, all out of fear. I will never forget it, and if I see someone that seems to need a hug… I just go do it, stranger or not. I havent been arrested as of yet!

SuFu that’s so sweet of you to think of how she must fight this. Your truley a special person. I’ll say a prayer for her too. I’ve been depressed quite a few times but have always looked to my girls (now grown and now I use my g-kids) HEY I WAN TO BE THERE WHEN THE GRADUATE!