A letter to Insulet

I wanted to start this with a comment about how incredibly happy I have been with my most recent batch of pods. Since my last pod alarm on 2/22 – 7 pods have all completed 80 hours of service without any hiccoughs which is what I expected when I switched from MDI last year. So that is the good news, now the bad news. While I understand Omnipod wanting to stay as far away as possible from the debacle of the Abbott Freestyle test strip recall there is a groundswell of frustration from your customers as we wade through the layers of crap spread by Abbott Diabetes Care which will ultimately reflect on you as a company by virtue of the fact you put an outdated meter in your brand new PDM. From the outset ADC has failed in every facet of the recall process. ADC hastily hired a bunch of non-English speaking, unintelligent and in some cases downright rude and nasty people to answers the recall phone lines. These are people who don’t know what a blood glucose meter is and have no concept that PWD might use more than the 400 “free” strips they were sending and are completely confused by the request for control solution. Abbott has put the onus of making sure our tests strips are compatible with the PDM squarely on the shoulders of Omnipod users by not telling pharmacies, doctors, or insurers about the recall. I get a 3 month supply of strips from Walgreens Mail Order and if I had not sent my customer advocate there a copy of the recall notice, she would have never heard about it. Currently Abbott still has no answer for when the “remanufactured” strips will be available. Their most recent press release states they hope to have them in pharmacies in 30-60 days. I understand I can use my strips in an alternate unaffected meter but with the PDM, Dexcom receiver, spare pod, insulin, blood glucose strips, lancet device, alcohol preps, and glucose tablets, my bag is already pretty stuffed with D crap, add in the cell phone, wallet and keys and there is no room for yet another meter. I’m probably more sensitive about the erroneous low readings because I was directly affected by it and my A1C suffered as a result. But I am not alone in my disgust with ADC and by extension Insulet for their complicity in this situation. There are a lot of very unhappy D parents whose children’s health has been jeopardized and compromised by the meter in the PDM. Someone needs to take responsibility and make it right. This passing the buck reflects poorly on both companies.

Clair: Insulet is in the process of getting FDA approval to remove the built-in meter. While we ant 100percent reliability, the reality is somewhat less. It is very frustrating, but insulet is only responsible in that they coud have postponed the new unit until the meter can be removed, but that would not have changed the old mete/unit still not working. ABBOT is the worst company I have ever encountered, regarding management. Also, how idi the FDA allow the late approval for all of the meters to use the new strips, when these are the units that fail with them!!! Seems that the FDA should have recourse??