A Letter to the Pain in my Side

A Letter to the Pain in my Side

Elizabeth Sunshine Strait

Hello again,

To my familiar little prick,

My inconvenient lifeline;
At least you’re tiny, sharp, and quick.
Though the pain just lasts a second,

You stick to me somehow;

A tiny little burden

I’ll have to cope with now.

You pop up under T-shirts,

Protruding from my side;

A tiny little bump

I try my best to hide.

But you’re just the cuff

To my ball and chain.

Now to that Ball;

Hiding YOU is a pain!

You’re heavy, big, and fat,

You’ve hooked yourself on me,

A necessary bother

I sometimes want set free.

Where am I supposed to put you

Say, if I’m in a dress?

Though I can solve that problem,

It’s not something that I’ll confess.

And when I’ve got you hidden

Is just when I need you out;

Now that’s a public scene

I’d rather do without...

You two are bothersome enough,

But before I say adieu,

I’ll give credit to the chain

As you cause trouble too.

Getting caught, getting tangled;

You’re just as bad as they!

Too bad I need the insulin

That you pump my way...

Oh this is a beautiful poem Elizabeth! You are very talented.
Thank you so much for sharing =)


Pump your way?
You pump life and beauty here my dear.Great poem.Great poet.