A liitle about me

Married to Pat since 1974 (both maths grads), once son, Mark, 1980. Worked in Computing since 1972, retired 2002.
Diagnosed T2 2000 with A1c and FBG over 10. Meds for 2 years brought A1c down to 7.3%, but too fatigued to carry on work. Tried Atkins. BG near normal in 5 days + A1c=5.5% without meds + much more energy. Lost 40lbs in 5 months. Couldn’t stick the diet! Devised my own diet, A1c up to 6.5% regained 10lbs, but A1c and weight constant since 2003. Researching diet since then. Started studying holistic nutrition in 2004. Changed my views on health completely.

Wow! Great job on the control and weight loss! I’m glad that you found a sustainable plan!

I got my undergrad in math as well :slight_smile:

I changed subjects because now I’m in grad school for political science, but I still consider myself a math person :slight_smile:

Hope that you will join in our discussions! I guess that you could offer a lot of good advice to other people with type 2 diabetes!!