A Literal Pay-for-View

Tonight, my husband and I went out to see a movie with friends. Because they all have young kids, the movie we saw was “Horton hears a Who.” Very cute, and interesting for a kids movie.

Afterwords, we went out for dinner and I ordered a blue cheese salad dish. At least, that’s what was advertised. One bite, and I knew it was a mistake…it was very heavily drenched in blue cheese and blue cheese chunks. Yuck. I wade my way through about 1/6 of the dish, and my mouth starts to tingle, the gums swell up and then my tongue swells up. I haven’t had that happen since I was a kid, and it was only tomato juice that set that off. I stop eating it. Ask the server what is in it:

blue cheese
blue cheese sauce
some other things, which I’m fine with

No tomato in it. Weird, weird, weird. Figure it must be the blue cheese sauce(made there), which they can’t tell me what’s in it. Start flushing red.

Box it up, and take it home. I don’t feel so good but its just an allergy, not like a full blown anaphylactic reaction. (no red dots or trouble breathing)

Moral of story, never trust anything you haven’t eaten before, and sometimes don’t trust the familiar stuff. Husband says he’ll finish it for me. So that was show #2 that our friends were treated to.