A little about me

I was 15 mo. old when diagnosed with diabetes and grew up just knowing enough about it to get by. Managed quiet well I suppose. Just didn’t really let it bother me, did what I was supposed to and went on my way. When I became a teenager I acted a fool and did all kinds of stuff that no one should do. This went on until I was 38. Shouldn’t be alive. God’s grace is wonderful. 34 yrs old I get my first a1c and it is 7.0 . My job was rough on me and I was having a hard time keeping my bg up. I was taking 2 shots a day at this time and I ask for a pump and got one. Within a year my a1c was 5.5 and I was having lots of lows again so I brought it back up to the mid 6’s and have done well since. Still have lows but not as many. I have three boys in college a wonderful wife that is an administrative RN which helps. I am a building contractor and really enjoy what I do in work. I am the music director of Gadsden Christian Community Fellowship Church and a youth leader for teenagers. Whew. A hand full sometimes. I have come to realize that diabetes is the thorn in my side that keeps me in Gods grace. He knows my final day here not diabetes. God loves all, love Him.

Hello there Randall. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.I truly believe that God blesses us with gifts wrapped in wonderful and different packages! Welcome to the TuD family.

Glad to have you with us