A Little Background Info


Two months ago, my wife, Karen and I, did a 4 mile trail hike. I noticed that she “lit up” while walking in the woods. We got to talking, like we always do, and she said that she always wanted to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Five years ago I started running again. After 20+ years of couch surfing I completed my first marathon 4 years ago and then did a sprint triathlon and finished my second marathon in November of 2013. I WAS planning on an Iron Distance Triathlon in 2016.

My wife has supported me in all my endeavors. We’ve tried to find some sporting activity that we could do together and we have stumbled onto hiking!

So after the 4 mile hike, she drove home and I ran the 8 miles home. When I got home she had been to the library and got a bunch of AT and hiking books. Since we did the trail hike, she has walked every day and we have hit the trails every weekend!!

I have put my Ironman dream on hold to help her with her dream of thru hiking the AT.

I am a Type 1 diabetic. I enjoy the problem solving that is involved in these endurance events, be they one day or six months. I know very little about backpacking and hiking and the AT but I know a lot about type 1 diabetes and endurance training and performance.

I am looking forward to learning from everyone here as we prepare for a 2017 start and I will try to help out as I can.