A Little Bit of Time on the Pump

Well, I am about a couple of weeks into the pump. Wow, not to be cliche, but I cannot believe that I did not do this sooner. I have been working with diabetes (with syringes and jet injectors) for 31 years. This is absolutely awesome.

Couple of notes to self about this…

1) Being attached to something all the time takes a little getting used to. Being a consultant in a business environment makes it a little bit challenging on where to clip it. It is fine when I wear a coat. But, I am in Southern California and coats are just not part of the wardrobe too often.
–I think I need to research some of the cool gadgets to store the pump out of sight.

2) But … I can always detach… which is equally awesome. I do not forget the load of Lantus that you were taking … geez it was 42 units. No matter what that shot was not fun … yeah pump.

3) Sleeping … no problem … never sleep on my stomach so that is where the pump goes on my pjs or shorts.

4) Just because you have the pump does not make you non-diabetic. Although it is far easier to manage the dosing etc… pizza and candy can still kick your butt.
–however, the once per month movie where you like to have the bag o peanut M&Ms was handled absolutely flawlessly by the pump with that nifty bolus calculator.

5) Reservoir Started … must be looked at daily. I have become quickly accustomed to the pump so, I forget when it was that I last changed the quick set, etc. So, just keep clicking the ESC to look at those stats.

6) Cannot wait for the training on the CGMS so that I can get that rolling.

7) Must purchase the connector cable so that the meter can speak to the software. I am thinking that it may not transfer all of the data. I will be seriously bummed if I need to key anything in. But we’ll see what happens.

Love my pump. So, far do not care that I am connected … don’t care that it is kinda bulky.


Cool! Glad you like pumping. Which pump did you go with? Good luck with your CGMS, too!

I am using the Minimed pump. I will confess a bit of ignorance as they are located close to where I live and I did not put much effort into researching other manufacturers. But, I believe they have been doing this the longest.