A little more info

… about my life @ the moment :slight_smile:

Last week I actually had something so crazy happen to me - I came down with Bells Palsy.

I had never heard of it before, but I guess it is a virus that affects the 7th cranial nerve and half of your face will not respond. It is temporary. However, it varies from individuals on how long the healing process takes. I have a mild case - thank goodness!

It has all been frustrating because I am finishing up some streroids (Predazone) that totally kicks your sugars out of whack & fully affects your moods. I’ll be done with the doses after the weekend & am looking forward to going back to my standard basal pattern.

From researching about the condition, I guess diabetics are 4 times more prone to it. Interesting was where my thoughts lead. There always seems to be something with our illness. Although, I refuse to let it get me down. I went through enough emotional turmoil when I was first diagnosed. My memory is vivid about my denial stage & I am happy to be “living with diabetes” now rather than vice versa.

Well admist all the doctor’s appointments, I have lost 6 lbs in the last week & a half. I figure it’s one positive outcome of all the ordeal. Along with my determination shining through all the bumps in the road :slight_smile:

I just bumped into this blog post-- and today I found out that my grandma has just suffered from a relatively serious case of Bells Palsy. I had never heard of it before today.

How are you doing? Any sign of recovery???

Hope that the positive attitude will stick around!