A Little New Activism I am doing

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am. I make my living traveling. I have to eat in restaurants. Quite often, I will run across people traveling themselves who, themselves are in the restaurant business. In the course of conversation, I tell them about a market they are not exploiting. can you guess who???..DIABETICS of course.

Some of these people are district people for restaurant chains or even restaurant managers who are eating somewhere other than their own restaurant, for a change of pace. I usually eat at the bar because there are people to have a conversation with. I explain to them that there are approximately 30 million diabetics in the USA and that figure is growing as we have an aging babyboomer population. There is going to be more. The sad part about that group is that because of the nature of many of the restaurants serving carbs, they cannot even walk in the door, thus depriving that restaurant a paying customer. I told them that if they had either a section on their menu specifically marked for diabetics or each dish marked as something like “diabetic friendly”, having few or no carbs or sugars and altering say sauces so as not to be made with sugar, etc, and would perhaps approach the Diabetes Foundation, and take an interest, they would gain as much as 10% new customers.

It has been amazing, the receptivity they have given me. I don’t appeal in the sense of health or justice, rather that they are missing a customer base they could be making money from. One franchise owner of Papa Johns Pizza I was sitting next to at a steak house bar actually took down my idea and got my contact info and was going to take my idea to research and development. I don’t know if any of you have ever done this but every one of these industry people I talk to, they seem to get dollar signs in their eyes…LOL. I don’t know of this will go anywere but it seems to get their attention. I usually eat in steak houses because they are the easiest way to avoid the carbs on the menu.

I am entrepeneurial by nature and I am good at seeing opportunities and if I do not have the startup capital, know how, or energy to learn, I will pass the information along to someone who might have some ability to utilize the idea. Anyway, just thought I would share that bit.

Hi Steve,

My daughter and I have dreams of opening a diabetic restaurant in the DC area. Yes, right now it is a pipe dream but…who knows.

I read an article in a magazine about a woman who worked a well paid corporate job that had to quit and move back home to help her diabetic mother. Her name is Pat LeGrand and here is her story, restaurant and mail order food.

I think it is an amazing story. And you are definitely onto something. Good Luck, let us know when the grand opening is!

Hi Steve,

This is a perfect place to post, or any other great insights/ideas you have.

Wonderful idea! I spent many years in the restaurant biz–managed several. Remebering years ago (too many to admit) having a regular customer with diabetes & our chef made him special meals. This was way before heart healthy or anything else was a consideration in restaurants.

Getting the big chain restaurants behind this is a great way to start because then the smaller ones will follow. I’ll be talking this up whenever possible. Thanks!

i am right there with you. i get so frustrated that they don’t do what mcdonald’s does or this one restaurant i go to that has a nutrition guide on hand has. it’s aggravating. i want to be able to simply look at the thing and know exactly what the carbs are. i hate trying to guess. i usually over estimate it.