A long road


hi All,

Weight Loss, a constant struggle. I have to say I am o n the road though. Over the past two years I have lost almost 30 pounds. I am doing weight watchers. I love it. I am finding the summer more difficult though. I exercise more but then tend to have more lows. I work with a CDE and just when I feel like it is going well, something changes. I am a very healthy eater. I had a heart attack 4 years ago at age 37. I never was a terrible eater but I have a bad family history. My Dad has ahd 4 heart attacks and has 10 stents. He has been lucky in a sense.

anyway, nice to meet you guys and hope to share struggles adn triumphs!!!

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Welcome Jane:) Who’s the cutey in the pic with you? :slight_smile: As you can see; I’ve my little handful of kiddos. The more the merrier! Yes, I feel that this summer has been very difficult too. We’ll find a way thru it. I’m glad you joined us.


Hi Meadowlark,
That is my 4 year old son, Ryan. My husband and I decided to adopt a child rather than have me go through birth. Your children are adorable. good for you , homeschooling. thanks for the support!!

Jane :slight_smile: