A low is like

How would you compare your lows? and add what you treated to feel better :slight_smile:

A low is like…
missing a step, it’s always unexpected, it takes you by surprise, and it gives you a little bit of a fright
treated with: one banana, some grapes, and a energy bar! Whew

15-20 minutes of annoying pain in the neck. Its slow calculations of how much on board and what to have. Its a feeling I wouldnt wish on anyone.

I correct with 3 variations depending on how low and how much IOB I have, light lows get Mentos at 3 carbs each, medium get smarties at 7 carbs each (US version), and big lows get a can of Treetop apple jiuce at 20 varbs per can. Those are the fastest acting sugars I know to raise my BG.

A low feels like a drop from a Bungee Jump for me.
Light headed,
Foggy and then some stomach sickness
My legs feel funny

The thing for me is that I don’t feel it till I get up and start to walk or do something.

Even though now on a CGM, I still keep Glucose Tabs available.
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A low to me is like totally losing about 30 minutes of my time (and I want EVERY minute) I go down in seazers (no warning so I’m usually in the upper or lower 20’s when I give in and check my bs, ) Stubborn YES REALLY bad at that time! I’m so thankful my husband & kids can catch me then or the ER would have had more visited from me.

When I had lows, due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome’s hyperinsulination… (since I didn’t have Insulin Resistance yet, it would make me low at times…) I would just feel like the tipsy girl at the party. You know, the one that gets up on the table and dances in her underwear. lol