A lukewarm rant: You know they have machines to measure your blood sugar?

Regina...sorry to hear about your cat...I lost my little guy, Ernie, last year...still turn corners thinking he's still here. Good luck with your service dog. Have you seen this video, make sure you have the volume on, it is SO SO sweet, makes me cry.

Oh I will go with that. I really hate to repete myself to pl who are around me all the time and "know" so they say then come out with something REALLY loaded with carbs and say "Just a little won't hurt u" ERRR WRONG> Sorry bad day (well bad weekend) here.

well, basically they're correct, for a type 1 carbs won't hurt you or me, one just has to take and match insulin with it.

Not 4 me anymore. I won't try & explain it here.

I enjoyed your lukewarm rant, Regina and hope you won't be waiting long for your pooch. I think it would be really cool if the service dogs could also be trained to nip at folks who give us inane and totally unsolicited advice!

Awwww, cute video. I'd not seen that one, so thanks for sharing.

Yeah, I hope I get one as soon as possible. Right now, however, my doctor and I are doing our best to reign in my numbers a bit. I crashed today and actually felt it. I felt weird and a bit distracted. I remembered this discussion, Embarrassing Situations, and checked my blood sugar. Sure enough, I needed a snack.

Yeah, I'm a carb junkie, but it does make carb counting and predicting what's going to happen much harder. As much as I love my carbs, I'm going to have to roll it back. It will just make things easier.

I have found recently that I am more hypo unaware than I used to be. I used to always feel lows coming on. I would even wake up in the middle of the night…but now adays, more often than not, I have no idea or I feel kinda weird and check my CGM and see it going straight down. I am so greatful for my CGM.

Ha! That made me literally laugh out loud!

That would be awesome! ;)

After I was first diagnosed I wanted to explain everything to EVERYONE. but eventually you just get tired of hearing the same phrases from people and saying the same thing over and over. I especially get tired of people I work with who forget everything I tell them after THEY ask. A coworker asked me if I had the kind of diabetes you get from birth. I told her no, it’s auto immune and she said ‘yeah because I was gunna say that you’re not very fat’. WTF is wrong with people??

Oh my goodness. That is the sweetest little girl I've ever seen. I wish I had her with me to explain diabetes to everyone who asks me about it.

well, i think your co-worker was referring to juvenile diabetes (the kind you get 'from birth'), which is the same thing as what you and I have, it's type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease.

type 1 diabetes, juvenile diabetes, autoimmune diabetes, they're all the same disease! one in the same.

I'm like Doris, I think. I can handle a small carb load, like 30g or so, pretty well, but if it gets big, it just sits there in my stomach, and takes forever to digest. So my bolus is used up (and my CGM line has been reasonably good) after 3 hours, and then zoom, up it goes. I CAN take a correction bolus as soon as I've seen how high it's going to go, but seems to me that the high peak is not a good idea?

And as long as I'm on an honesty rag this week, if you put something luscious, like a piece of apple pie a la mode in front of me, I WILL eat it, ALL, no holds barred. Absolutely no self-control whatsoever. No such thing as a little bite. Better not even let the carbs come near me!

I know she meant juvenile diabetes but I was only diagnosed a few months ago at the age of 20. A lot of people that I knew before being diagnosed were confused about how someone older had juvenile diabetes so I guess I’m a little sensitive about it.

That's exactly why it's not called juvenile diabetes any more. Although I wouldn't expect the uneducated public to know that. You can get T1 at any age -- my CDE told me of a man who was diagnosed with T1 at the age of 85! Dunno how he avoided the trigger for so long, but he did!

There are LOTS of people on here who were diagnosed with T1 or LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, which is a slowly progressing form of T1) at WAY older ages than you were!

So you aren't the oldest diagnosed T1 by a long shot, LOL!!!

Love that video!! Super cute.

And I hear you about dumb ■■■■ clueless people say! I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like punching people when they're being ignorant and rude!

Me too, too funny!

I'm just glad that I can take or leave sweets. I had a nice 3 course meal last night and I only ate the desert because I realized I'd gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overboard on my carb count. I needed that desert to save me. Sure enough 2 1/2 hours later, my glucose was normal and still had just over 2 units floating around in my system. I let myself have a drink with orange juice in it to counteract the hypo that was going to come.

Having a carb addiction to things like rice and noodles is bad enough. I bring the sweets in only in situations like last night where I have to or if it's a piece of luscious cheesecake. (I'm in it for the mouthfeel.)

The way this thread has blown up, yep, we're definitely not the only ones. ;)

WTF? Yeah, the "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" movie (also on Hulu and Netflix)has gone viral. Brace yourselves type 1s - we're going to get all sorts of know-it-all b.s. as a result.

I actually agree that a diet of raw fresh juice can probably help type 2s and people who are overweight. However, the only thing it can do for us is help with weight loss and nutrients.

It's not the same disease. Share that cute little video I posted earlier with your brother. In fact, I'd take that link and reply to his dumb Facebook posting right there in the thread, so others could watch it too. He needs it because he should know better.

I have a juicer because I love fresh juices, but drinking fresh juices isn't going to cure my diabetes.

In fact, here is the link for that video, so you can just cut and paste it into FB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VCL6mlH0YE