A meter case I ordered :)

I just ordered this case and think I’ll really like it! It is nice and small!! The measurements are the same as the one touch mini that I used for a while ( I don’t anymore do to insurance ) and I really liked how small it was :slight_smile: Its also in nice colors instead of just black :slight_smile: Has anyone else used it? EDIT: The first link is the ladies wedsite and the second is another buying option.



Id love to get that for my PDM (omnipod) but the dimensions are slightly bigger. Love to know when you get it, if the compartment has a little extra leeway to fit 4.5 rather than 4.

Sure! I’ll be sure and remember to check and let you know!! I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a bit bigger then they say… I’m think it will be atleast as big as they do say. Also did you notice this one? its a bigger one made by the same company and liiks great but was just a bit big for my needs. http://www.insulincase.com/Diabetes-Designs-Stylish-Glocose-Meter-Cases-P521.aspx

my case came and I love it :slight_smile: As far as the measurements it will hold somethng a bit bigger then 4 in. but I can’t say for sure about a 4 1/2. I have a one touch mini ( I don’t use it) and that is between 4 and 4 1/2 in. long and fits in good. the only reason it can’t be too bit is because of the test strip vial getting in the way. Hope this helps and let me know what you decide!