A month can make a difference

I always heard that is takes 30 days to make a habit stick. I have to agree with this philosophy. On April 1st, I had my A1c done and it was a little high at 7.4%. I have since then made a lot of changes. I have been eating really well, eating quality protiens, low glycemic carbohydrates, as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. I have also been hitting the gym, or finding ways to exercise at least 3-4 days a week. Has not been easy, but I am finally getting there.

I have recently been using SugarStats.com to keep a track of my sugar levels, food intake and exercise. I think it has been a great tool for me. Check out my numbers for my levels for the past 30 days…


The food and med stats are a little off…but my main concern has been the sugar levels, but in the last two weeks I have been better about filling it all out.

So, check out my levels. Any words of advice?

Thanks all!

Chris Haro

Those numbers look extremely good to me. But you might want to talk to the doc about cutting back on the glyburide because you are going low too often.

Glyburide makes the beta cells secrete whether or not there is carb in the blood stream. With a lower carb intake you need a lot less of that kind of drug.

Also when you go low like that, it is likely to make you hungry which isn’t good for your control, long term.

Most people with Type 2 who cut way back on the carbs find they can drop glyburide.