A Mother's Day Surprise!

My grown up daughter who lives in California emailed me to make sure I was home yesterday before lunch time as something was scheduled for delivery. I figured she was going to send me something like the extremely cool fresh fruit bouquet all full of berries my son sent me for my birthday last year which they hand deliver.

You can’t see our driveway from the house, but I heard something drive up it (it’s steep) and went downstairs, opened the garage daoor, and there was my daughter!

Talk about surprised!!!

She works for a company that sends her all around the country to rig lights in hotels and convention centers, and they had sent her to work at Foxwoods in CT about 2.5 hours from here, so she booked her return flight a few days late so we could spend time together.

So I’m feeling very loved, to say the least!

For those of you who have teens at home, I have to add that this was the kid who spend most of her high school years seething in her room with the door slammed shut issuing out only from time to time to tell us how much she hated us!. SInce growing up she’s turned into a real friend. Calls me all the time. Even went on a vacation with me somewhere boring to her just to keep me company. It’s quite the transformation, but she’s really grown up a great deal over the past decade and I’m immensely proud of her


wow what a great day for you!!! Ya I know the teen aged angst routine! Mine one and only “baby” is now 26 going on 27 in august. Used to be when I talked to him on the phone if I said “I love you!” I got ya I know or ok. Now he has moved to Pa. and is more that 3 hours away and when I say I love you I get it back. Haven’t heard from him yet today but I probably will shortly. I think my being deathly sick this past winter when i was diagnosed with type 1 has made him wake up and see that anything can happen anytime.
The visit is better than berries or flowers you got at your b-day, hope you two enjoy your visit and have a wonderful time together!

Debb and Karen,

Yup, it really was fun!

I had such a dreadful relationship with my own mother that it is a huge surprise to have kids that like me. Of course, my daughter has been known to complain that her childhood was so wonderful that adult life will never live up to which was NOT a problem I had. So I guess there’s always something. . . .