A new idea about what we should eat and why, based on Blood Type

I found a new book at the library the other day about the relationship of what we eat to our blood type. Since I have wondered at odd moments whether
that may affect what I should eat I checked the book out.

In a nutshell, according to the book “Eat Right For (aka 4) Your Type” by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo our systems are based on
differing ancestries which ate what was available where they lived for centuries, so their bodies adjusted to that situation.
Genes changed to fit after so long, but this carried on to the present day.
What he, and his father before him BTW, found was that someone with blood Type 0 has a system that deals with
what our remotest ancestors ate, largely hunted animal protein, with added fruits, nuts and other plant foods included
on an irregular schedule. Later when mankind developed agriculture many people’s systems (over how ever many generations)
changed into blood Type a, which lives best on grains, fruits and vegetables (aka vegetarian) with little or no animal protein.
Then blood Type b developed with people living a different way in central Asia, which needs a largely reveresd food pattern
from Type a, mostly animal protein, though different kinds from Type 0.
Type AB is very new, and has a whole different pattern.
What he says happens if you eat the wrong kind of food for your blood type it reacts badly when the nutrients enter the
bloodstream, curdling it, plugging up circulation and causing, or at least worsening, many diseases including diabetes, cancer
and on and on.
This could explain why we say YMMV so often around here. What I find works for me may have bad effects on you if we have different
blood types…

So, I have no experience with this approach, as such, and have no relationship with the author or anybody else involved in it.
As I said above, I just find it interesting and think it may be useful if anyone wants to explore it a bit.

There is also a website where you can find much of this information, so you don’t need to find the book itself.

Click on: http://www.dadamo.com/

So what do you think?

Ted Quick

I saw that book or a similiar one in Barnes and Noble last night. That’s really interesting. I wonder if there is any validity - I can’t say that such a thing ever crossed my mind. I would love to know if any one has actually tried this.

This is absolute nonsense. Don’t waste your time. Read this critique of the pseudoscience D’Adamo pushes.

OK, definitely NOT something we should believe or follow. Too easy to find foolish ideas these days, isn’t it?