A new meal planning app by Hope Warshaw for people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes

From the site of Hope Warshaw, the renowned author and CDE:

Warshaw has teamed up with Quantia MD to develop EatSmart with Hope Warshaw - FREE app for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android aimed at people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes covering key diabetes nutrition/meal planning topics from Carb: How Much to Eat & How to Count It, to Sugars – What You Need to Know, to Deciphering the Food Label, Tools and Tips to Size Up Portions, and many more... Each presentation within the app is ~ 10 min in length, narrated by Warshaw and coordinated with key messages and visuals. The content is practical and includes implementation strategies and tips. Quantia MD is working with healthcare providers to encourage their patients to view the EatSmart app. HCPs who sign up at least one patient will receive a FREE copy of Warshaw's book Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy . Click here to learn more about the EatSmart app and how you can receive a book if you are a HCP.

More: https://secure.quantiamd.com/player/eatsmart/mnerwun?u=hw1

A visual guide to carbs, protein, fat and calorie counting was recently released as well. National Health Service dietitian Chris Cheyette teamed up with Diabetes UK to make this visual guide as a book, flash cards and an iPhone app.