A New Mouth

After some 30 years of bad home care, personal problems, and bad dentists, I finally have met a dental saviour who agrees with me as a patient of what I want. Half jokingly he asked me what sort of smile do I want. I replied, “After 30 plus years, I just want A smile!”

But now comes the fun of a year on soft foods. Great way to lose weight eh? It’s still difficult, a week after my procedure (2 root canals and 2 extractions) to eat with sutures, although those come out today. But it is an opportunity cost to getting what I long have wanted so it can build some self-esteem.

hey, you’re local to me, who did you pick as a dentist? i’m in the same boat as you regarding dental care.

Hi Anthony,

I have a few questions. Why will you be on soft foods for a year? Will it take you that long to get every thing done?

My sister used TV dinners, rinsed canned fruit, and steamed vegetables. Some people use jarred baby foods (Bleh!). There’s a lot of options in soft foods. I personally don’t care for TV dinners but they have come in handy, as well as, nutrition drinks. Nutrition drinks are available just about every where. There are even sugar free nutrition drinks. Hope, I helped some.