A nine year olds list for her new teacher

"Educating the new teacher" us parents have many things on this list....ever wonder what kind of things are important to a nine year old with diabetes? Jillian made a list of things that she wants her new teacher to know about (see my page for a photo of the list). Jill said that she hasn't been to school in a long time (summer break) so her spelling is bad. Like mother like daughter! LOL.

Here are a few things on her list: she needs a special location in the corner for her backpack so she doesn't have to dig through all of the other kid's packs to get to her diabetic things, she needs to test 15 minutes before lunch so that she isn't having to run after the class to catch up with them for lunch, tell the kids not to touch her things (including her snacks and phone), have water at all times, always have glucose tablets, be able to call her parents with her numbers, have an extra medical bracelet at school in case she forgets to wear one from home, speak to the after school helpers so they will know what to do for her, have Mrs. Wilbur speak to the class and explain about diabetes and how to keep an eye on her, and to know that she leaves early on Wednesdays for violin.

As we all get caught up with the technical things associated with a child having diabetes, it was interesting to here about the things that are important to my daughter. I would love to hear things that are important to your kids.


Oh...and a big thing was to have the teachers keep a piece of the counter in the back room where she tests cleared off, otherwise she has to set her meter on a pile of "stuff" and it's hard to reach up and put her drop of blood on the strip.

Wow good for Jill. No worries about self advocacy issues, Jill has it all under control. You must be very proud.


I loved reading this…glad she can speak up for herself! Happy Back to School!