A pharmacy that donates half their profits to JDRF

My support group had their monthly meeting at Fifty50 Pharmacy the other day. Their products looked outstanding. The owner and sales rep were very knowledgeable. One of the items they have is a stuffed monkey that comes with his own insulin pump. It is absolutely adorable and a great training tool for young diabetics. I think the monkey will make a great training tool for diabetic children to use to talk and teach their peers. I wish I had had one of those when I was a kid. Not that pumps were even available when I was dx’d but a stuffed friend with D would have been comforting.

But what really blows me away is the fact that the company donates half of their profits to diabetic research. D products have to be a lucrative business so for a company to donate half their profits is awesome. I have been checking their prices against other companies and they seem very competitive.

Fifty50 will be my supplier from now on. Check their website and see if there arent products you can use and feel good that you’ll be helping to make donations to JDRF.