A Picasso on my Arm!

Just had my blood drawn yesterday for my quarterly blood laboratory work ups. The usual...CBC, HBA1C, FBS, Cholesterol, etc... I was up early so I can be at the hospital before anybody does. The fact that I do not wish to get cranky since Im hungry and I cannot take any food yet. I grabbed a pack of wheat crackers and there we went.

At the hospital I noticed that the laboratory technician assigned to me seems jittery and nervous. I cracked a joke to make him a bit comfortable (or probably to make myself comfortable) I was already seated beside him with my arms on the arm rest…ready, while he was busy preparing his equiptment, test tubes and syringes. I was establishing small talks… just to ease him…then suddenly a big CRASH…he dropped the testube rack with test tubes inside! Not cool! I briefly smiled to him and said…Are you okay? He replied nerously replied he is…but something told me he is not. He apologized and I patiently waited for him to clean up his mess… When finally he is ready, he tied the rubber tube tightly around my arms and checked for the veins… I think he stared at my arms for a good 3 minutes…tapping it. I asked…“You can’t see the veins?” (My mistake! I shoudn’t have asked anything) he replied “yes”… When he was about to poke me with the syrnge…I noticed his hands where trembling…I just closed my eyes and prayed. Then it was over (Thank God). It was horribly painful! The 3 seconds seems 3 hours. At least its done. I had been having blood works done quarterly for 2 years now…and this is the most painful I have experienced…

At home I removed the piece of tape and cotton on my arms and…I saw the biggest bruise…Wallah! I have a big Picasso on my arm!

Oh my was he trying to drill a hole in your arm. It looks painful my friend.
I hate newbies…lol

Holy #@*&^%$#!!! Hope it heals up okay.

First, I LOVE your new pic, Teena! =] Second, I guess you just have to chalk it up to a “war wound”. I’m sorry that you had to be this guy’s learning experience, but thought it was great of you to share it with us. Have a great day!

OMG at first glance I thought it was a picture of your navel…what a hole!

Ouch! My arms are hurting for you!!!

That is a terrible attempt at a blood draw…good grief, I guess the bright side is at least he wasn’t trying to put an IV in!

Holy schmoley that must have been a nursing student doing his first internship at the lab :open_mouth: