A practical guide to candy floss

There is a saying only mad dogs and English men out in the midday Sun,is there one when the temperature drops to 10 below or one when your car is stuck in snowdrifts or the nose on your face has turned blue with cold,or one when you feel so lousy you cannot even inject yourself there must be one for each of those things but between you and me WHO CARES Having let smudge out at 5am and being met by a blast of cold air that blew my socks off makes me wonder would I be better off with a goldfish.

You know the answer just like me when you have a pet who becomes a friend who is always there even when you want to sleep or just turn over and die you have to treat them with love and affection they always give you that without asking for a sausage well our late Yorkie might have asked for a sausage or two,some days you wake up and could climb mount Everest yes I hear you say in your dreams but in another life in another multi-verse I could just be doing that.

Some of us go through life fit as a fiddle mind you never met one not the person or the fiddle,and some of us catch everything under the sun colds flu measles mumps diabetes heart failure not sure if you can catch the last 2 but you know what I mean, being a large family now when one has a cold it tends to do the rounds no good blaming anyone unless you lock yourself up in your home these things find us out in the end.

We had our first snow on Friday lovely to see nice to slide on make a snowman but for older folks like me and the wife a minefield waiting to trip us up,the wife slipped on the pavement 3 years ago broke her foot it still is not quite right perhaps it never will be so snow as lovely as it is can be dicey for us.

The air is filled with Christmas spirit my cuppa tea has a drop of brandy in it,just for medicinal purposes you understand the shops have more sales on than the number of Christmas decorations on our tree,my thought of jumping of the Ironbridge have gone since I have been on citalopram,hope it is not just a temporary respite,the new medication for gout and prostrate come into action soon just waiting for blood tests on the 8th of December, and loking forward to seeing the grand childrens faces as they open there Christmas prsents who could ask for more so from me to all of you have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A MERRY NEW YEAR