A Practical Symlin Guide for Type 1 Diabetics - Part 3: Advanced Techniques, Train Wrecks & Disasters, and High Protein/Lo-Carb Diets

I couldn't figure it out. I tried for 2 months and my Ha1c went up, my blood sugars were either very high or very low, and the pattern just seemed random. I did like not being hungry though.

For the first two months on symlin you have to use a low dose, as they recommend, about 15 mcg. I did that and also lowered the insulin by 1/2 up front. I set my CGM to alert me in 1 1/2 hours when I gave the rest of the insulin. At that point the symlin is finished and the BG will go up. I think it is worth it but it is not easy to figure out. I kept adding small amounts. I am now doing 90 mcg and it is fine. My A1c was 6.3. I seldom go over 200 BG and I eat whatever I want (within reason). The symlin still cuts my appetite so I don't snack all the time. I like it.


I'm on day 3 of symlin. Your post individually addressed all of my problems. In fact, I even had eggs and bacon for breakfasts and it left me a little confused with my pre-lunch high bg. I will definitely use your tips on post work out spikes. I'm so glad I found it. I can't thank you enough for figuring it out and sharing your insight. You sound like such a great diabetic!

Thanks again, Hannah

Hey guys!

Is everybody still on Symlin I hope? I’m just starting it (had to beg my endo :roll_eyes:.) So glad I found this post. Should absolutely use your guide - everything in it makes so much sense.

Thanks for sharing your tips. Anna T1

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How many of us are still using Symlin? Any other insights after lengthy usage? I was on it - came off - and now back on it. I think Symlin makers should have more specific instructions on they website and Drs need to understand how it works. This post and just a few others helped me navigate starting and getting to a safe dosage. Thanks, Jason5 for your guide!

I too have used it on low CHO without issues (hypoglycemia). I think we know so little about the absorption and contribution of PRO and fats to blood sugar - thanks to more recent research by Bell and others… we know it can greatly impact blood sugars. Just always know how to track your BGs and have a way to bring your BGs up! Glucagon pen and fast acting glucose on hand when using Symlin.