A pretty downer day

I’m not sure what caused it…but it all started last night. I was told something I DID NOT want to hear, so I was in a bad mood all last night. Then I broke. I just had a mental breakdown. I sat in my room…thoughts swimming around in my head. Then the dreadful water works. Not too sure what brought them on, I think it was an accumulation of held in anger/sadness/etc. See, I don’t know how to express myself very easily, especially when I am in the “upset zone”…I think being so upset messed my numbers up. I was grumpy all day today, and people noticed. My numbers were up all day until dinner. I now realize, that my mood/mental health does play a role in how my D is affected. And that just makes it that much harder. What actually gets me through the day? I rarely have anything to look forward to. All I do is work.go home.sleep.and repeat. What a downer day this has been. Here’s to hoping tomorrow’s a much better day…

Hey, sugarrbabie05. Hope today was better for you.

Today was a better day. Number were fantabulous =)