A Promotion! Well, almost

OK- so I am going crazy because I just about have a huge promotion at work. I say just about to because it seems to take an act of congress to get things signed off on in the corporate world. I mean my goodness- 6 freaking signatures to approve a promotion that they want me for! Stupid!

On a side note- I cant wait until it is cooler. The heat makes Colins blood sugars drop like crazy. He can go from 200 to 50 in 5 minutes lately! Oh the joys of a diabetic toddler...

I hate most that he cant just be a kid. Having to force a juicebox down him everry 15 mins when he is outside playing sucks.

Congrats on your promotion.

I wish Colin could just be a kid as well.

Diabetes sucks bigtime. Breaks my heart when little ones have diabetes. I would live with it forever even if a cure came in hopes that no more little kids got it.

Congrats on the promotion, girl!!! :slight_smile:

I can imagine how rough things must be with Colin in this crazy heat… :S

Hi! Congratulations about the promotion. As I read in another comment, may be these is not the job of your life, but you´re growing, and before you expect you´ll find a place and a job to be happy. For me its a important part of our lives but not the MOST IMPORTANT…

As I see, for you Collin is the BIG reason of everything, and its a beautiful and shinning reason!!! :wink:
I completely understand your worries about him, about his way of life, and not being a " regular child" but as you said sometime to me, diabetes contributes to who he is now, and theres a price to pay… its life. Anyway I´d like to tell you that my mom always suffered much more than me about the diabetes in my life, she suffered MORE than me, because over the years I got used to deal with diabetes, and It became a way of life. Please dont suffer more than Collin will suffer… Its part of his development, and he´s not unhappier than the other kids because of it, hes just different, and in many ways Its good. Hes learning so much…
As I wrote in other comment:
Some time ago I thought diabetes in my life was a punishment but nowadays I know Its a gift of God just because I learned so much about self respect, about loving your self, I had to open a new perspective in life and may be because i´ve a cronic disease I love my life and feel like that I´ve to enjoy every moment.

Hope you feel better, and believe that Collin is the happiest kid in the world because have a mom who really cares about him!! As the Beatle song says… ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!

Best regards
Fabiana (fabcouto@terra.com.br)