A question about PDM signal

I am thinking of swapping over my 4 year old son's minimed pump for an omnipod. I sometimes have to give a corrction at night and worry that if he was lying on the pod would it still pick up a signal from the PDM?
Any answers would be much appreciated. Thanks

Yes it would, if there is not a signal it will inform you of that, by telling you to move the pdm closer. It will inform you when the bolus is being delivered and you can even review it after delivery. Once the pod receives the command, it takes over and delivers without the pdm needing to be close- in other words, you hit confirm and then you are done.

If it doesn’t pick up a signal when you have the PDM in your hand or beside you (either because you’ve tested or have keyed in a temp bolus) you move the PDM, or you move yourself for a second or two. It’s a minor thing. You do it without noticing.

The tiny plastic cannula, the self-insertion vs a big old metal thing… The tubes, having to remove the pump to swim, shower & have sex… The OmniPod is a total breeze!

Like was said, just hold the pdm close to your son and it should work, currently I think it's a range of 5 feet. If he happens to be completely covering it and it's not connecting it will let you know and all you need to do is move closer, maybe lift him a bit to get a connection but as soon as it connects you can lay him back down and walk away. It does just take a second. Can't imagine it being a problem. Good luck, I think you will be happy with the pod!

I do that all the time. In fact, just last week I bolused my son through the bathroom wall...

I almost shot milk out my nose on that one! :)

We've bolused through a bedroom wall before too! However, if it doesn't get a signal in a few tries then it can fail the pump - I don't risk it anymore - hate it when I get the death BEEEEEPPPPPPPPP .....

I didn't think it would work but I had already pushed confirm when he darted in the bathroom and closed the door. I was prepared to just throw it to him. Not a practice we use often, lol!!

Sorry, Scott!!

The new PDMs also have a significantly increased range than the current models.

Thanks so much for all your replies. Bolusing through the wall! :smiley: