A Question For All Ladies

I was at my gynecologist last week for a routine exam.I found out that I have an enlarged uteris.Have any of you experienced it and is it possible that it could be diabetes related? I have myself scared because of the different things it could possibly be.I need some advice.Please help!

Did your gyno think it was cause for concern? Same doc you’ve gone to before? Call him/her & ask some questions. We get ourselves scared when we don’t know what’s going on. Easier to talk to your gyno than imagine the worst.

I’ve heard about cystic ovaries being more common in women with diabetes, but not an enlarged uterus.

Hope it’s nothing!

I have to go for an internal ultra sound next week.I’ve never been to this doctor before.I was refered to him.I get nervous when I have to go for further testing for anything.I hope you’re right.

Hopefully fibroids, which are benign. I am thinking good thoughts for you.

Thank you.

We all go into panic mode when a doctor orders tests. The anxiety is awful! Glad that you don’t have to wait long for the ultrasound.

Good point from Kathleen that it could be uterine fibroids. Docs usually mention this because they can easily feel them, but some are horrid about not saying anything before tests. I had them. Are your periods really heavy? I thought I was hemorrhaging because huge clots were coming out. I called my mother hysterical thinking I was dying. Good thing this discussion is for ladies:)

Sometimes it does feel like a hemorrhage.This doc didn’t mention anything about what it could be.That’s why I paniced.