A Question for CGMS users....Target or can you set Alert for certain range on a CGMS

Can you set a range or an ALERT for Medtronic CGMS if go my Blood Sugars go near 90 mg/dL or maybe 80’s so you can check your actual mg/dl’s (Blood Reading or Calibrations or to see if going low before they hit low)

Please I need factual and real information before I go to VA with actual analogy and my reason for being on PUMP and the CGMS
Thanx Dean 

The newest MM pump, the Revel has predictive alerts that you can set to warn you. It has a different sound/ringtone than an actual “alarm”

I’m not clear if you are getting a new pump or have a MM pump and are adding cgms to it. The 522/722 series does not have predictive alerts, but you select the alarm targets.

I am doing homework…I have been working on getting a pump for now 18+ months at Veterans Affairs Medical Center…I suffer from serve Hypo events and unawareness… Now they are saying or have been till I get under control…My high now are kinda ok…I feel I should be on CGMS PERIOD but, they (VA) won’t cause there not enough evidence to show it aids or help anyone (they my Diabetic Case manger) and they told me the only one they gave one to is a women who was pregnant… and I am not a women you do the math …I am trying to show that I deserve to be on CGMS PERIOD End of story… The VA it about money (which I kinda understand… a tiny tiny bit) and they feel it’s doesn’t aid or even help in HYPO UNAWARENESS period… I though in ALL MY CLASSES and RESEARCH and HOMEWORK I though they Medtronic I understood there was a plethora of Alarms/Alerts Sensor Setting to help in this??

I am looking for point blank help from everyone on TUDIABETES!!! And Now its to the point they might not even give me a pump…STILL DUE TO MY HYPO UNAWARENESS :frowning: I even had to sign a 14 point key and agreement for CSIII Insulin Pump Therapy – No kidding if I don’t adhere to this they can immediately take me off pump therapy… I am not lying one bit (Most I ve done on my own CLASSES and the other I cant deviate from THEIR SETTINGS or only use BOLUS WIZ period for 6+ months then I can use other features!!!)

You have NO IDEA how exssausted I am on working on this process now 18+ months it point blank SAD!!!

PLease I need everyones feedback please

I have a Medtronics Pump and CGM and yes, you get predictive alerts. That was my main reason for getting the CGM. I was getting HYPO’s in the middle of the night with Hypo unawareness.

Good luck!!!