A Real American Hero

Not a life or death situation…but I just dropped my bottle of Humalog in the kitchen, where there is a 75% chance that it will break on the tile floor. Simply too many casualties to count over the years…oh and that skinny Lantus bottle…make it a 90% chance of breakage. Don’t even get me started on that insulin smell…yuck.

Luckily because of my ninja-like reflexes, I was able to save the doomed bottle by breaking the fall with a supple hacky sack foot stall…score!!!

Some may say that I’m a modern day diabetic hero. Maybe I am…maybe I’m not. I just did what any sugary red blooded diabetic would have done in the situation.

My Nana used to tell me that whenever a bottle of insulin breaks, an angel loses his wings.

Well you just keep on flying little angel…this one’s on me.

I’m Dino, and I approve this message.


I can picture it in slow-motion; sort of like The Matrix, right? You’ve done us all proud!

What music should it be set to? Flight of the Valkyries? Believe it or not? Matrix techno?

i was priming my needle… pre-pump days… and my friend who was sitting too close to me exclaimed-ewwwww! you just got your band-aid juice on me. the name stuck. i no longer use insulin. i use band-aid juice.

Great sense of humor Dino. Make that a SCORE TWO FOR OUR SIDE !!!

HAha! I really liked this one(: