A roller... coaster day

I woke up with a low and a migraine. Didn’t think I had over treated, but jumped to…258…then correction bolus. Dropped again to 52…now 3 hours later 213! Oh how I hate days like today!!! I have only treated with 3 sugar tabs for my lows. Guess I better think about changing my infusion site too. :frowning: Things can only get better. Right???

what the heck is it about Sunday’s anyway… my blood sugar was “normal” all day yesterday…changed an infusion set today and all heck broke loose. been 66 to 241 … and the day’s not done… sorry to hear you are having one too.

i think its sunday being “the day of rest” :slight_smile: my bs seems to be best on my active, work filled days…the lazy days tend to be the worst