A Rubber Duckie and Diabetic Burnout?

Duckie, pastels A.L.
My first pastels piece I did last week. Very simple and created kinda quick. The theme of our bathroom is ducks and I had a little squeakie duck to use as a model. So now we have something to hang on the wall. Now onto diabetes things......
Hi everyone. After my last post I got some very positive responses from others who have been on or just getting set with a continous glucose monitoring system or a pump (or both). Thanks for your comments :). I took any suggestions to heart and was very happy to hear good reviews of the CMGs. I have been on the phone several times with MVP (health insurance) and Medtronic/Minimed. Apparently my insurance is one of the few companies that Minimed doesn't have any troubles working with to get the CGM. I had to have my doctor (my endocrinologist) fill out and send in paperwork. Minimed encouraged me to send in a narrative explaining why I required a CMG to my insurance. That was sent out this morning. So far so good. From here on out I wait for approval and all the logistic nitty-gritty is handled by the insurance company and Medtronic/Minimed.
I have read back on my few previous posts. They cry out diabetic burn out. Things have been very emotionally hard lately. My nervous system is sensative to BG fluctuations and sometimes I adjust my pump settings too quickly just to stop the uncomfortable feelings. Then at other times I seem to try to make up for adjusting too quickly by waiting too long to make additonal adjustments. I do get a small break in this craziness for about a week where things settle down. That is where I am at right now.
I talked to a Medtronic rep on Friday about the CMG and we talked about my testing. He gave me some good advice that was very simplistic. It had a 'standard' sort of sound to it. It was as follows 1. test when you wake, before large meals, 2 hours after large meals, before bed. He didn't say anything about exercising, but I know that I need to test right before and right after exercises and right before driving. Many of those situations overlap so I am presently testing 7-8 times a day :). He told me if I test anymore than that then I'll drive myself crazy and my doctors won't be able to make anything of the additional readings. If there are highs or lows then adjust as needed. It was very simple advice that I am certain they tell everyone, but he said it at the just the right time for me. The big question is can I make this last for more than my one week of calmness?
So I am not doing the additional tests. I am "working" myself through it. I am low right now. Probably 50/60s. 50/60s aren't life threating so I'll wait until 5pm to do my dinner time reading. Even though the headache and pressure behind my eyes is very annoying. It's uncomfortable, but at least it is not depressing. The last few days I just remind myself that EVERYONE gets headache or get drowsy. Those are not always a by product of diabetes. Non-diabetics can feel sick too. It's called being human. To help eleviate the symptoms I am going to have 10-15 carbs. Enough to raise my sugars up to the 80s from the 50s, but not enough to cause complete havoc if it turns out to be just a headache and some eye pressure.