A secret joy of Diabetes

I realized a secret joy tonight at work. I test pretty regularly at work, its heavy labor and I am active all night. But it hit me tonight as much as I would love a non back breaking job or a 1st shift job, heck a full time job, I would really miss being able to eat 1 sometimes 2 peanut butter sandwiches.

I am careful about my carbs at work it's when the tightrope walk of diabetes is most apparent to me too little I go low too much I go high. I keep insulin with me so I correct highs and always have glucose tabs or a treat if I go low, but with all the work I do those lows can hit me hard and fast.

Tonight after 1 test I was 73, not bad for a day at home but with 4 hours left on a shift it was a little close to the edge. I reach into my bag and pull out one of my sandwiches. 10 carb per slice and I figure in 5 carb for the peanut butter. It was heaven and I realized why no bolus shot. Not that I haven't gotten use to bolusing with meals its actually like a little ritual for me. It's just at home if I am not planning on being over active I have to bolus no matter what unless I am under 80 and then its counting every little carb. But at work the cut off is closer to 110 BS level. Sometimes 2 sandwiches of bliss a night. Test 85 an hour and a half later 75. I know my fluid intake has a little to do with it but not much, days I don't drink it is usually maybe 85 up to 110 at the 2 hour mark. It just feels so good to eat like a non-diabetic person. Yes I can't scarf down 2 sandwiches back to back but eating less is also a slight blessing from diabetes.

Endo says I am not honeymooning so I am just happy I found a way to treat myself. Hopefully this summer after I get my bike I will be able to eat my lunch on the side of the road with out needing a shot. I guess i am starting to see some positives to all this. Because I know someone with a working pancreas could never understand the joy I get from eating my late night peanut butter sandwich.