A sigh of relief

Hello family! I am happy to post that all is well with my kidney functions.(: no protien just a bad reading. Couldn’t have asked for better news. Thanks for all the prayers. I believe that is ultimately what made it turn out soo good.

Now my doctor had a sit down chat with me. Over the summer I lost sever pounds. I just wanted to for cheer. I am down to 104 now and my doctor wants me to put on a little weight. Being 16 and extremely active I’m struggling to put any on. Any ideas?

I had a great deal of confidence that you were going to be ok, but I'm glad to hear it is true.

You could always put on a little muscle weight by taking supplemental protein shakes and doings some weightlifting. The increased muscle will help your cheering and you will still be trim.

That's wonderful news. It's nice to be able to take you off my prayer list :-)

Natural peanut butter is a mainstay of my diet. Lots of calories and very kind to my blood sugar.


awesome news re kidneys!
my suggestion for weight gain: enjoy cheese in all its heavenly forms!