A simple hypo hack

I came across this idea yesterday over at Diabetes Daily. It’s a simple idea I had never thought about.


The article is entitled, One Surprising Hack to Not Overtreat My Lows, and is written by Maria Muccioli. She uses Smarties candy to treat her lows and sometimes doesn’t like chewing the candy, especially when she treats a hypo in the middle of the night and feels obliged to brush her teeth. Of course, once you make time to brush your teeth, the sleep fairy may have escaped.

What she does is swallow the Smarties like pills. She monitored her blood sugar response and found no difference between chewing and swallowing whole. Dead simple and effective, two attributes I like.

I wonder if this idea would work with glucose tabs.


Much safer with small candies.

For anything that is small and pill-sized like jelly beans or skittles, it’s fine. A bigger size like a gtab presents a choking risk if you don’t chew it.

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Yeah, I think to swallow a glucose tab, you’d need to break it into smaller pieces. I currently take magnesium, omega 3, and niacin capsules that are fairly large and I have no trouble swallowing several at a time.

Combining a choking episode with a hypo doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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For me, when I used to use those infernal glucotabs, even when chewed, they presented a choking hazard for me. I stopped using them ages ago.

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It’ll work for the hypo, but smarties are a fairly ‘dry’ thing to swallow like that.
Something like Skittles would work better if you just want to swallow them like a pill.

Personally, I keep a water bottle next to my bed. I swish my mouth after eating the smartie. It keeps my mouth cleaner, and works good to get my BG up quicker.

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I also chase my glucose tabs with a generous gulp of water when i want to speed up the effect.

I read the nutrition label for Skittles today and saw that they contain corn syrup and some trans-fats. I know a lot of people like Skittles for low treatments due to easily calibrating your response and making overdoing it less likely.

Some sat fat, but no trans fat.

Is hydrogenated palm kernel oil a trans-fat?

The problem with partially **hydrogenated oils** is that they contain trans fat, which raises LDL (“ **bad** ”) cholesterol, lowers HDL (“ **good** ”) cholesterol and has other harmful **effects** . In contrast, fully **hydrogenated oils** , in essence, become saturated fats—but they contain no trans fat.Oct 1, 2011

Looks like only partially hydrogenated oils are trans-fats. Good catch.

I think trans fats have not been allowed in food anymore in the U.S. since June of 2018.

Which is kinda funny that all the food labels still have trans fat listed with a 0% next to it.

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I use SwedishFish and put 1 in my mouth for each 10 points that I need to rise my BG. Then suck on them until they are totally dissolved. If I pop them 1 by 1, too easy to lose track in middle of night when low BG and foggy brain. Each fish is a hair over 2g Carb. Attached is nutrition label.

I’ve never seen “invert sugar” on a food label before. Sounds like Swedish Fish work well for you.

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Hi Terry, they work totally awesome for me and I have been using them for just over 3 years. Always have a few packs in the car, office, jacket pocket, night stand etc. I stumbled on these totally by accident. I was helping replenish snack machines at work and BG was falling fast. Never knew what these were but falling fast was first thing I grabbed. Ate about 1/2 a bag and within an hour BG went through the roof. Once lucid again, I realized had stumbled on a delicious treat and developed fish to BG ratio.:yum:


Me, too. But Skittles are even worse for me. Trying to swallow them is near impossible at times. I think in my case, my eosinophilic esophagitis causes these issues. Luckily, since my EOE has been better controlled, I’m able to swallow well-chewed glucose tablets without choking most of the time.

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For the time being I’ll stick to Dex4 Tabs. I understand they were discontinued in 2018 and Canada must still have some old supply.

Skittles and other candies are my Kryptonite. If I had one I’d eat 100

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I’m hoping this discontinuation doesn’t affect Canada. The US has a bunch of other brands of glucose tablets (Walmart, Walgreens, whatever else). But as far as I know, Dex4 is the only brand of glucose tablets we have. (I did hear one person say recently that Shoppers had their own brand, but I have yet to see that.)

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I eat a medjool date and never worry about my teeth in the night. I suppose I should, but I have good teeth and gums.
I very rarely use glucose tabs anymore.

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Invert sugar is fructose.

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Thanks, @gretchen. It’d be interesting to see a complete list of all the different names of sugar used on nutrition labels.

After looking at the Healthline link that @Tapestry provided below, that resource claims that invert sugar is a combination of glucose and fructose. This dictionary source agrees with that.


Seek and ye shall find :slight_smile:

Not a list, but interesting:


Great link(s) - thanks @Tapestry :grinning:

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