A small taste of D in the D

We had a metro detroit meet up today and 4 of us showed up.

here are some stats:

50% showed up hung over

75% were on insulin pumps

100% were T1

50% were on CGMs

75% were female

100% had fun and shared their war stories

It was an amazing day.... You really had to be there to experience the amazingness of it all....

It is amazing.

You guys are so lucky to be able to meet and have fun. And I love all your stats!!

If I had not gone to the wings game I would have been hung over, a T1, no pump or CGM, and NOT female. :wink: I am glad that people showed up and had a good time though, I will be there next time!

Mike you missed out on the goodies I brought… better be there next time!

100% AGREE with you! Nice to spend the time with everyone!