A small thing which makes a huge difference

Today has been a pretty cold and very windy day here in Copenhagen. It was dreadful having to go outside to buy dinner for today. Outside the supermarket there was a homeless man selling a magazine homeless people can sell to have a little income. I went into the supermarket and when I came out the man was still standing there with his magazines. For the first time ever I bought one of those magazines- haven’t bought it before due to not normally carrying cash. But today I had cash on me and got myself a magazine which still hasn’t been read (but that’s another story). I paid the man twice the price of what the magazine cost. For me it was not much, but for that man it could mean a cup of hot chocolate or coffee from the nearby Seven Eleven shop, or being able to buy a decent meal today. On my way back home I just felt so grateful for everything I have. A loving family, a wonderful husband, a nice and warm safe place to call home and food on the table. I just really feel for those people who have nothing. What brought them to the streets? Where’s their family? I feel sorry for them, especially now when it’s just getting colder and colder outside. I can’t do much, but if everyone did something, then maybe a lot of people wouldn’t have to live on the streets and have too little to eat.

I did my part today, hopefully helping one man to have a better day. And I hope tomorrow will bring new hope for him and everyone in his situation.

Something seemingly small for you, can make a huge difference for someone else… I think I’ll start carrying cash to buy more of those magazines later on to help more people.