A Stale Cracker Kind of Day

Yesterday was a stale cracker kind of day. I had a hard time most of the day keeping my blood sugar up. hmm… Anyway, I went running in the AM as usual. I had some juice when I got home and then got ready for work. At work, I treated lows twice before leaving to go to my neuro appointment. After I checked in, I sat to read the not-so-recent Newsweek. I tested, treated another almost-low with a mini pack of skittles, suspended my pump, checked the time and went back to reading. Some lady who had just entered the waiting area came over to sit right next to me (when there were 10 open chairs in the room). No “Hi…” or anything… she begins with “Those shoes are SO bad for your feet.” So, I laughed her off thinking ‘Oh… another one of YOU people’ but instead I smiled and said, “Maybe so, but I like my crocs” and I went back to my magazine. She proceeded to tell me about how she had some and they hurt her back because of the lack of support and blah, blah, blah… I was already cranky from having so many lows and then I had to listen to a complete stranger tell me about her problems with my shoes! grrr! Finally, my name was called and I was able to get away! I went back to see my neuro and answered his questions, touched my nose, walked in a straight line… all those silly tests. I went next door and got my scan done and then I left. I tested my blood sugar again before driving (which is not something I normally do, but considering the events of the day… I did). 68 is not terrible but not optimal since my pump had been suspended an hour earlier. So, I searched my console for a juice box… I only had one left… and it was expired by a month (and hot). I drank it anyway and went to class. During class, we were slammed with a pop quiz. I did fine, but it was really stressful. I hate surprises! About an hour before class was finished, I tested my blood sugar again at 60. The building where my class is held does not have vending machines because it is at another building that is “rented” by the school to house overflow classes. I knew I could not hang on for another hour of class AND 30 minutes to drive home, so I rummaged through my backpack for something… anything. I found a half a pack of STALE 3 week old cheese on wheat crackers. I ate them anyway.

I still do not know what the whole issue was with my blood sugar. Everything is perfect today (so far!). Needless to say, I have restocked my console and my backpack with fresh-non expired emergency items!