A T1D research group?

While wandering around the internet, I came across this websiteUnitio
which says that it's aim it to integrate research and patient experience to find treatements for T1.

They are also having their annual meeting in Boston, MA on May 6 with a panel including five T1D people.

I don't know anything about Unitio and whether it is research-oriented, patient-oriented or drug-company oriented. And maybe others here already know a lot about it. I just came across it and hoped that the information might be useful to someone!

Best wishes to all!


Hello Marty:

Don't know the answer but fear I have suspicions as to the orientation. i.e. The folks who have the most money, sponsor the event, likely direct its orientation.

My question is not specific to this panel, but rather why aren't there MORE panels with us in them… every where, not just in Boston?!?!?!

Glad to help bump the topic though.