A tight rope act

Welcome to the circus!
Welcome to the club!
Mr. D’s not easy,
For he shows no love.

My day begins,
And I am pleased.

In the daylight hours, dreams reappear -
Youthful dreams are to be fulfilled tonight!
Dear legs: serve me right!

Slowly, time passes me by,
Until performance time’s nigh.
To the tent I walk.

A rope is set before my eyes;
Across it I must walk.
Balance, fail me not!

With lions at the bottom -
A twisted stunt indeed -
I make my way across.

please don’t fall…please don’t fall…please don’t fall…

One step at a time I gingerly take.
Half way across I make it, thankfully.
Thus far, I’ve made not a single mistake.

"Better luck next time!"
Mr. D yells to me.