A tragedy avoided, a parents nightmare

Yesterday I saw this story on the website of a local television station. How terrifying it must have been for the parents of the young lady that is the focus of this story.



I just sent this to Caleb. He’s learning to drive now and needs reinforcement that assessing bg and having carbs with him each time he drives is requisite.


a good reminder

In the article, it says…

She called parents Angela and Ivey Woodard.

I was wondering if she had dexcom, with her parents following to see low alerts, but apparently not.

Question for parents, with T1D kids driving, or away from home. Do you “follow”, and how do you respond ??

My mom was a T2… In the 60s the only treatment was insulin.
The company Dad worked for had a meeting in our town. All the reps, etc.
Mom got low, drove around insulin drunk with the boss’s wife.
Wife got Mom to pullover, left to call paramedics. Mom pulled away.
Long search, high school friends, neighbors.
I found her at home. Back from her low, a little confused.
Dad never let her drive again. Another story for another day…

Our whole immediate family uses a location app so we know where everyone is all the time. It would have been very helpful in that situation.