A unplanned anniversary celebration

I accidently OD’d on my NovoLog tonight. About an hour ago, I was singing in my car and shot myself up with 10 units of the old rapid acting stuff rather than the correct Levemir. Then I freaked out. I was next to a Hollywood Video, so I ran inside and grabbed candy. What doesn’t have nuts in it, what is pure sugar? Junior Mints and Kit Kat - perfect! Thanks to our consumer driven obesity epidemic, each came in double serving packs, giving me a whopping 114 carbs in two neat packages. I ate the Kit Kat so fast, I think I heard it screaming for mercy, and then chased it with half the box (so one serving) of Junior Mints. I haven’t had that quick a hit of sugar in a year (remember, today is my dia-versary), so I pretty much wanted to puke in about 30 seconds and definitely confirmed that I have a cavity in upper molar.

Then, I started the phone calls. First, to my insurance’s emergency nurse, who told me to call Poison Control. With thoughts of neon green Mr. Yuk stickers and big bottles of bleach, I called up Poison Control. Paul, my new Poison Control BFF, kept me testing and talking. Here’s how the numbers went - before shot: 144. 15 minutes after shot: 130. 5 minutes later: 140. 5 minutes later: 145. 8 minute drive home (I was trending up and the insulin wasn’t going to peak for another 40 minutes - it’s ok, really): 140. Ugh, more Junior Mints and a call to Paul.

Paul gives me the green light stop eating Junior Mints (thank God, I hate them now) and to move on to real food. I now have a delicious sweet potato and hot dog waiting for me (mmm, protein and slow acting carbs), and another date to call Paul in two hours after the NovoLog should be working its way out of my system.

Maybe Paul and I will get married and this will be our how-we-met story.

PS: I’m never eating freaking candy again.

Congratulations on handling your mistake well.

Thanks, Steve!

Here’s an update: 30 mins after the 140 reading and a hot dog: 88. Crap, more Junior Mints and that sweet potato I was holding off on. We’ll see what the next half hour has to show.

I feel like the Twitter of the Pooped Out Pancreas…

How do you feel now?

30 minutes later: 112

This is kind of fun (not the candy gorging and fear of hypo-death - that sucks). But I like knowing what my blood sugar is doing all the time, maybe I should get one of those Dexcom things.

Dear Patron Saint of the Sugar Kids - please leave me a Dexcom and better health coverage. And do my laundry.


30 minutes after that: 134

I’m doing this for another hour and a half, then I’m going to bed with a plan for 3 am check, which I’ve been meaning to get in the habit of doing one of these days.

For a few minutes, I was harboring the total pipe dream that this little incident somehow rebooted my pancrease into functionality. You know, the proverbial CTRL-ALT-DELETE to return everything to rights. I’m sure stranger things have happened…

30 minutes after that: 204

There’s that diabetes I remember! Dialed up and took my 10 units of Levemir that I was debating. Holding off on any more NovoLog for another 30 minutes.

30 mins after that and 2 full hours since eating: 243

Enough already, I’m taking 4 units of NovoLog and going to bed. G’night all!!