A very interesting article on the complexity of Type 2

I found this in the New York Times. I’m sure it just scratches the surface.


It’s gonna be a long, long time before we see a cure for Type 2.

The brain , the bones, hormones, inflammation…
What a wide variety of possible causes and thus a variety of treatments that could be viable.!! Diabetes is not a “one shoe fits all” Causation nor Management disease… Thanks for finding the research that supports this

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… a very interesting article. Thanks, Natalie!

Thanks Natalie for this post. Very interesting.

Thanks for posting this Natalie! Very interesting.

We still know so little about what causes both types of diabetes, but this information is key to understanding how to cure us all … someday!

I am coping with my disease the same as I would have in 1930 with the exception of having a vague idea of my blood sugars thanks to my inaccurate meter. I will be nice to have effective therapy one day probably not in my lifetime.

Good I can blame my skeleton now! :slight_smile:

Just wondering if you noticed this article is from 2007 though? I know they have come up with lots of other things they think cause it since then…making it even MORE complex. :slight_smile: They should change the name to Type Weird, for sure. :slight_smile:

That was an interesting article!

Perhaps if the doctors realize that they will have to punt on figuring out a ‘cause’ or ‘cure’, they will move towards improving treatment, accuracy of testing equipment, improving paradigms (Thomas Kuhn paradigms, not MiniMed!) for communication between patients and medical providers, improving the utility of data and other things that don’t require the same intensive input as a cure.

I I think a lot of those things, particularly the software and communication pieces, could be improved for what would amount to a very low cost and would be very effective. Of course, I am not in charge or anything like that…