A "woe is me," angry at the world kind of post

FYI - there’s probably going to be some profanity in this sucker, so be forewarned. I don’t have the patience for asterisks right now.

Just found out that my health insurance will only cover a pump and pump-y supplies at 75%. This means a typical cost to me of $1300 for the pump and $100/month in supplies. I am ridiculously discouraged about this. Like earth shatteringly sad.

First, I get it - 75% is better than nothing. Sure, God bless CareFirst for covering me and all that. But $1300 in upfront costs and $100 a month are a real ■■■■■■■ buzzkill. I've got all my pump literature, I'm so excited about not having to down granola bars before going to the gym and not having to beg food off strangers when the Metro breaks down and I have to walk home 2.5 miles just as my 2nd Levemir shot is kicking in (yeah, that happened yesterday. Thanks, lady with the grapes!). I'd really like a pump. I'd really like to keep my feet and my eyes and all the other good things that CareFirst certainly doesn't want to replace, either. Granted all my evidence is anecdotal, but it seems to me like every other health care plan in the US is covering pumps at 100%. People look towards the heavens and declare "Gee, a pump might be nice." and then POOF, the sparkly smoke clears and there's a pretty box from Medtronic.

Second - these unexpected costs may be completely cost prohibative. I don't make a lot of money. I get by, but I don't have what the kids refer to as "disposable income."

Third - stupid CareFirst, don't they realize that I am the one in charge of our plan at my office? Shouldn't they be sucking up to me a little better?

Fourth - I'm thinking about staying on shots. Ugh, I hate shots.

Fifth - won't someone for the love of God please just overthrow our imbecile of a President and invest some ■■■■■■■ resources in stem cell research already?!? Really.

Ok here is maybe some help . call Focus Pharmacy tomorrow and ask if they can help the number is 1-866-403-6287 … its worth a shot a real live person answers the phone just ask them if they will check and see if you can use them give hem your ins info and they will get back to you within hrs . if they can use your ins it will be at no cost to you . I use them for all my mpump needs and strips . I got my CGMS though them although Im haveing problem s with the sensors .
Good Luck …Some one else on here posted another pharmacy that does the same they accept what your ins pays .

Thanks, Tracy! I really appreciate the info! Fingers crossed for a less-profanity laden diabetes life!

Hope you get your pump Lizzie, I really am glad I switched to it, but (and not to burst your bubble)… I like you thought I could exercise, golf, garden and never go low again just by shutting down my pump, but it just does not work quite like that, but you still need to go for it as it does offer a lot better control and more options for hoping to gain the type of freedom you are searching for.