a1c = 6.0!

About a week or so ago, had my A1C done and it's 6.0! The doctor was really surprised and said he didn't really have much else to tell me to improve on, beyond trying to be better about eating 20 minutes prior to the meal. He also said that when I get pregnant, my A1C will drop a bit, so I'm actually right at the top of the range where he wouldn't worry in the least about me getting preggers.


That's great news. Good job!

I only have one question. How does one eat 20 minutes prior to a meal? LOL :-)

A pre meal snack? ;)

We are all so excited for you! :)

LOL. I'm sure it was a typo; I was teasing. As someone once said, "Sorry -- I was pulling your leg and it came off in my hand." ;-)

Yes....merely teasing, very sorry mcfc. Good going and congrats!

Congrats, and I mean congrats! I remember that number a few years ago, hope like you to see it again sometime in the near future.


HAHA! Yes sorry for my typo! :) I'm fine with teasing -- y'all'er good :)