A1C and Control IQ

Has anybody received a A1C test result since using the Control IQ and how did it change your A1C?

It’s likely too soon to look for A1c drops due to CIQ adoption. It’s only been a few weeks to a month since the general population of Tandem X2 users have been able to download and use the CIQ algorithm. A1c drops will happen, I’m confident, and you’ll start to see many accounts in the months to come.

Automated insulin dosing such as Control-IQ is just starting to exert its positive effect on the health of new users of this tech. If you must live with diabetes, this is a great time to be alive.

What @Terry4v said. I have to make an appointment soon, and I’m really disappointed because I’ve only had Control-IQ for like a week. Maybe it’s a good thing to get what’s practically a “starter” value, though.