A1c celebration day

First time ever I got an a1c under 6
My best had always been 6.3. And I rarely went over 7.0.
My dexcom suggested 6.3 so I was expecting that.

Is that tool any good? Does anyone get a good correlation?

Maybe I’ll celebrate with a doughnut only I really don’t like them. The sweetest thing I ever eat is a small piece of coffee cake. So maybe that. But it’s not really that celebratory.


Congratulations! Maybe I’ll have a doughnut to celebrate you accomplishment

My A1c always comes out lower than the GMI although it always correlates with an offset. My last A1c was 5.3 with a 5.7 GMI. That’s a typical offset for me.

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Have you guys noticed that they are selling over the counter a1c’s at walgreens?
Whats the word on those? Maybe I will test the results against the lab value. I need one anyway.

Jesus, Paytone. Holy cow! If I were running a 5.3, rest assured, I would be dead, lol.

:partying_face: :partying_face: Here ya’ go, @Tapestry. They are here if you need one, lol.


Congratulations! Celebrate how ever you wish, but celebrate you should!

The celebration emojis aren’t working, but I tried!!

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And, another round of applause for @Paytone! Congratulations to you too!

@mohe0001 I wonder if they are close to the lab values too? I’m due for an a1c so I might invest in the over the counter test and see how they match up to the lab and to my cgm!


They are not inexpensive, but here’s a link. I think it includes 2 tests.

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Congrats on breaking the 6.0% threshold, @Timothy! It’s always nice to receive independent confirmation of all your daily efforts.

Regarding correlation between a population measure like A1c or even Dexcom’s Glucose Management Indicator (GMI), I think there’s always a range that applies. My A1c number was always about 0.5% above what the average BG taken from my CGM predicted. Some people correspond precisely since they’re at the top of the bell-curve.

With the GMI, my A1c is closer, within 0.1% or so. I put more faith in the Dexcom CGM average along with a low standard deviation and high % time in range as the truest representation of my overall glucose experience.

When I went to my quarterly endo appointment one week early yesterday, the medical assistant told me Medicare would not pay for a point of care A1c test until a week later. When the doctor arrived I told him that I’m not very interested in that number anyway and he agreed that he didn’t need it, either.


A1c is a very difficult test to pin down. The new methods are so very different than just 10 years ago.
I was a lab scientist for a lot of years. We did the test with a latex method in a biochemicle analyzer. And then to an hplc (chromatography)
And now most labs use that same technology as the ones in the drugstore. A completely encased cartridge that is read by a small machine.
I was very impressed with the old methods.
The new ones I don’t know. But likely you are already getting something similar at the lab.

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:100: Good job @Timothy :facepunch:t3:

I had mine done the end of August … GMI was 5.5%, A1Ce was 4.9, and lab A1C was 4.9.

My SD over 90 days was 1.1 mmol/L, meaning I rarely have high or low events.

Lean T1D’s with good control typically have GMI’s about 0.5% higher than their actual A1C’s.


Wow! Very nice @Jimi63!! Congratulations!!

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Many of us find that the Dexcom Clarity “GMI” is always half a point higher than our lab A1C.

Others find it the other way around :slight_smile:

@Timothy, My A1c and GMI are usually dead on. Your results are great.