A1C Checkup tomorrow for me!


Tomorrow I get to go to my doctor and get an A1C check up! Have not had one in a while, so time to get one again.

Also going to see how much weight I have lost.

My goal on weight is to get down to the range of 170-180 lbs.

Last time I weighed myself I was 295. That was last month. Last year January 1 I weighed in at 345 lbs. Back when I was diagnosed with Diabetes I weighed in at 375 lbs. So you can see it is coming down!

TIP: Ever wonder how much weight you lost? Here is a simple way to measure: Get a large trash bag and fill with stuff to equal weight you lost. Tie bag closed. Then try to lift! Seem heavy? That is what you were carrying around on your body! This is the only way to truly understand how much weight you lost!

Will post another update when I get my results from tomorrow. Also will put them on my website: dirkbaeuerle.me

Keep up the good work Dirk and good luck with your lab results!

Dirk, what a fantastic accomplishment! So much commitment and effort, thank you for sharing!

Some of the results of the check up - a puzzling result: My weight went up! I don't know why or how it could have happened. Official weight today: 330.

So Doctor ordered my thyroid to be checked. I also have 2 other possible symptoms of a faulty thyroid - I am cold all the time at work and I am fatigued when I am done at work. Hope something works out - will be cutting back on foods also to see if something I am eating is causing weight gain.