A1C Meters at Clinics

Just curious how many are getting tested with the portable A1C meters when they meet with their Dr even though it is not a scheduled A1C testing day.

I have heard of some clinics doing this, Bayer is marketing these to clinics for these quick tests, just wondering is it being done out there?

My endo does this occasionally, but the results from those quick test vary from the lab tests, so I’ve asked him to consistenly do the lab tests, so I can tell how I’m doing in comparison to the previous three months’ test. The quick test tends to read a bit higher (at least, that’s what he told me), so if I get an A1c of 6.6 from the lab and then 3 months later get an A1c of 6.8 from the quick test, I wouldn’t know if it was due to poorer control or the difference in the two tests.

I think either way to test is probably okay, but the method needs to be consistent.


I get one of these test done at the endo on every visit. I was told they are .2 off, I forget if it is up or down but the number they give me is the corrected number.

Ask your doctor how much he is going to bill the insurance company for that service. Being a born cynic about the medical profession, I suspect that they charge quite a bit, and that would make me wonder, does the insurance company pay for an A1c test at anything less than a three month interval? I would hope not.

Sorry, it just seems like another way for someone to line their pockets, and I see Bayer being one of the beneficiaries, but that’s just me.

An A1c test doesn’t really tell much about what you are doing right or wrong. Its just a milestone and a marker three or four times a year. If your number goes up, what does it tell you that you need to change? It doesn’t give a clue. Its all in the daily (or whatever routine) testing that we do.

Having an A1c at intervals less than three months, for most diabetics, is a waste of money, and isn’t most of the problem with our health care in the US, about the cost? What does this say about the profession trying to keep costs down? I think, from the little info given, it says they just use things like this as a cash cow.

Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist :slight_smile:


No doubt there has to be a charge somewhere John. I know the home test is about 10 bucks per test so likely there is a charge someplace inside the bill. I agree on testing daily and that is the important thing. I know another diabetic in my neighborhood who doesnt test daily and only goes by the A1C. I told her that is too dangerous but she wont listen. I just through the post out to see how successful their marketing to Dr’s is and is it being used. Thanks have a great New Year!

I got tested with one of those Bayer devices at Walgreens on their ‘free check’ day. My score came back at 5.0, about a month after the lab gave me a 5.5, so they could be pretty accurate.

My comments were only to the point that it costs maybe $10 to do at home, so figure you get it at the doctor’s office, and its gonna be closing in on $100. That seems to be what providers do when they know insurance is gonna pay for it. Our healthcare is the greatest in the world, but the costs are based on greed, not real costs, with some fair profit included.

I am glad to see these things become more mainstream, because there will come a time when doctors are priced right out of many people’s range, and so at least we can monitor our conditions without them, at home, both daily, and whenever we want to see the A1c.


Hey John> Isn’t it hidious , the mark up on EVERYTHING, right down to testing for your health issues! Here’s something I’ve done SEVERAL x’s…add all your test #'s up for the last , say , 3 months. Then simply divide all them #'s by the AMOUNT of times you tested, TADA, you have a VERY close A1C figure. Mine was w/in a few #'s off is all. In order to see if you’re getting it close to your ACTUAL A1C TEST, do your math AFTER you have your A1C done in the office by whatever means, then compare. I was amazed to see on 3 occasions, I was w/in a few #'s.!! If you pay for your A1C testing somewhere, this would give you a option inbetween reg. A1C tests & save you some bucks, but still touching base w/the real meal deal now/then @ the docs…& in actuallity, you could do THIS anytime, would just be fewer #'s on both ends of the equation ~