A1c - Progress: 2011 Mar- 2012 Mar

Wow! It's been close to one year since I was last here! My life has been "full", to say the least: Still doing my best to stay on top of my health in every possible way.

Found an endocrinologist who tested my blood for many things, to include cortisol, Vit D levels, Lipoprotein (a) (testing for inflammation), etc. Now, it's all about "how" best to proceed to help to restore the parts of my health that are "broken". Fortunately, I got a copy of the results, and now, I know why I feel "tired" sometimes -- I'm mildly anemic! Funny thing, women my age aren't advised to take Iron supplements, so, what's the option to correct this? Cholesterol- good =179 out of 199; Triglycerides= 77 out of 149; HDL = 58; LDL -106, is considered high; and, my A1c = 6.4 -- Yeah! Cortisol= 7.6 out of 19.4, and so much more. In "the clouds" about my results, esp. since I haven't exercised since Dec 2010 in any "form" except to walk from parking lots to stores and inside whatever "store" I went to.

The delay to return to any exercise program is manifold: have been to many appts. to a "holistic chiropractor" who uses a treatment called "Cold Laser". When I leave those visits, I feel "younger" -- more energetic, and have had to stop myself before I "hurt myself" (my low spine) because of the "energy" returning to my body. Like Jim Carey said in "The Mask", "Somebody, stop me!" lol That's how good I feel. Not released to do anything is wearing on my mind -- not even a 5-min. walk, so, I'm "behaving".

Looked at swimsuits 2 days ago, 'cause I'm "gearing up" for the pool! lol Somehow, I have managed not to gain the 20-lbs I lost in 2010, but, have seen 3-4 of 'em try to "slip back in there"; lost two dress sizes, altered clothes, and gave away a ton of 'em! Totally revamped my wardrobe! OK. I'll stop.

I was healed of Fibromyalgia in late October 2006 by the Lord of my life (the God of my salvation), and live in expectancy of the same for my spine.